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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I said that you need a customer base. The problem, of course, is that customers are needy. To maintain a customer base you have to be willing to work and you have to deal with people every day.

There will come a time when you get tired of playing the customer service game. You might want to quit. That's fine - I'm not going to discourage you. Some people just don't find the work pleasant enough to justify doing it.

But before you quit, keep in mind that if you're good, and if you've chosen a company with good products, in anywhere from 2-10 years you can semi-retire and live very comfortably.

But also keep in mind that there's no guarantee you will succeed. You have to work hard and you have to be good to your customers and you have to build your network by talking to both friends and strangers. Not everyone can do that.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Beware spam and MLMs promising lots of money with no work sent me this spam email:

This company has it all. Great products, comp plan, free web site and full automation. Check out this exciting opportunity at't bother this isn't a real link.

I went to the website (though I think start-up MLMs are a waste of time because you should go with a proven company) where I saw a guaranteed 25 thousand dollar bonus. And I can make over $1,300 without doing any work. All I have to do is pay 49.95 PLUS shipping and handling. Obviously a total scam - so stay away.

It's unfortunate that the network marketing industry is plagued with this crap. It makes it much harder for us honest people to get our message out when so many people lump us all together.

So what do you say when someone says, "Oh you're in network marketing. I don't want to be part fo your scam."

Remember the communication tips and answer in the affirmative: "I'm at least as honest as you or anyone else in this room. I work hard to give people who think my products are a good value the best customer service. How many retailers can say that?"

Well something like that. The scammers are out there so we have to accept that there is a level of distrust with some people. All we can do is stay positive.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lee Iacocca's Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

You’ll definitely want to encourage your downlines to go to their local bookstore or to and purchase the new book by our good friend, Lee Iacocca—Where Have All The Leaders Gone. Lee, as you all know, has been the Chairman of the Nourish the Children® Initiative. Lee is particularly proud of what Nu Skin is doing with Nourish the Children and says it is a demonstration that you can be an incredibly successful company and do good in the world. Lee says Nu Skin epitomizes this principle. There are two pages in his new book where he specifically speaks about Nu Skin Enterprises. He also thanks Blake and Truman in the forward.

Additionally, you’ll want to purchase the May issue of O Magazine. The company wants the world to know what we are collectively doing to feed the children of the world through Nourish the Children. In an advertising segment for the DSA, Nu Skin Enterprises has chosen to put forward the Nourish the Children initiative in a full page advertisement.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Your customer base

Not too long ago I wrote about the importance of getting 50 customers. More and more, I think this is the key to network marketing. If your products high qulaity, if they run out and need to be reordered (think vitamins and skin care for example), and you provide good service, these loyal customers will keep you in business. This is the foundation you need.

Now what always happens is that these customers talk to their friends who call you to learn about the products. That's great and once you reach the tipping point, your customer base will grow for as long as you're willing to meet new customers. As you continue meeting people some of them will be interested in doing what you do. That's you grow your network of distributors. It really all begins with the customer base.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fringe benefit of network marketing

One thing I like about network marketing is that you have an opportunity to meet friendly millionaires. The other day my wife and I had dinner and drinks with a millionaire from Hong Kong. It's just cool hanging out with millionaires and hearing about their lives and travels and whatnot.

I don't mean to say that millionaires are better than other people. Just that it's good to know all kinds of people; rich, poor, and average. I just never had a chance to hang out with many millionaires before I started network marketing. Of course it helps to achieve some level of success if you want to sit down with a millionair and have a few drinks - not everyone gets to do this. But at least you get a chance if you're in the right business.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Get customers: Why would anyone want to duplicate your business?

The first thing you need to do as a network marketer is establish a fairly broad customer base. It's not particularly hard (though it certainly requires hard work) to build a customer base of 50 people who love your products (that's why you always choose to market great products that you think are a good value).

Try to reach the 50 customer mark at 3 months. That means 50 good customers, loyal customers that you keep in touch with (permission marketing is the key here). At this point, volume will be decent and you'll be making some money.

Now you can honestly say "Do what I do and you'll make some moeny". If you have no customers and make no money no one will want to duplicate your failing business.

Your sponsor should be able to answer your next question, "How do I get 50 customers?" but I bet I can too. Show people you know your products and explain why you think they are a good value (again, that's why you always choose to market great products that you think are a good value).

Friday, September 22, 2006

What does network marketing have in common with learning a foreign language?

Interestingly, the causes of failure are often the same. When adults begin learning a foreign language, they tend to rely on translations and memorizing grammar rules. They don't go out there and use the language.

Similarly, new network marketers often start by buying a bunch of books and tapes. They, read, they listen, they study. But they don't act.

If you want to be a successful language learner, you have to put down the grammar books and start communicating in the foreign language. If you want to succeed in network marketing, you have to turn off the tape player and start communicating with people about your products (and business opportunity).